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Playstation Platinum Wireless Headset

The sony Playstation 4 Platinum wireless Headset is an unequaled solution for shoppers who crave the best experience with their Playstation 4, this Headset is based on the best and most advanced technology and it ensures complete satisfaction with the device.

Gaming Headset Case fits PS4 Playstation 4 Platinum Wireless Headset - Case Only

Gaming Headset Case fits PS4



Sony Playstation 4 Platinum Wireless Headset

The Playstation 4 Platinum wireless Headset is enticing for gamers who need the best sound and clarity when viewing their games, featuring a built-in microphone and a comfortable headband, this Headset is top-rated for players from different backgrounds. If you're scouring for a wireless gaming Headset that's in excellent condition, sony is your favorite company, the Platinum wired is no different. This set of headphones is brand new and comes with a free Playstation 4 game, it's facile to see why. The sony Platinum wireless is the best quality gaming Headset with plastic design and sensational for wearing while gaming, it's uncomplicated to suit and very comfortable. The sound iss excellent and the climate is cool to the touch, this gaming Headset is sensational for all types of users and will give you an excellent experience. The Playstation 4 wireless Headset is top-of-the-line for gamers who need total surround sound without having to go out of their house to get it, this Headset is outstanding for playing games outdoors or while away from home. The 8-core processor with 2, 1 ghz frequency allows the gamer to play games with enough resolution and with the help of up to 3 sound zones. The Playstation 4 wireless Headset can also be used as aears-long with the built-in microphone and in-game chat, are you wanting for a new wireless Headset that will completely immerse you in your Playstation 4 game? If so, then you need to vet the Platinum wireless headset! This dongle is sure to please anyone digging for a splendid score wireless headset! You won't be disappointed.