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Usb Wireless Headset Xbox One

Our 3, 5 mm gaming headsetmic will work with Xbox One and ps4 devices while also being a stereo sound solution for and tablets. The headset's 3, 5 mm jack and 6-oway audio input will allow you to power up your favorite games and listen to your music without ever having to leave your chair.

Usb Wireless Headset Xbox One Walmart

This 3, 5 mm Usb wired wireless gaming Headset for pc ps4 Xbox One will let you connected to your console without ever having to leave your comfort zone. With our unique ear cups, you will have a top-notch time while playing your favorite games, the new astro gaming a50 wireless dolby gaming Headset for Xbox One is unequaled for lovers scouring for gaming experience and is black and green for the eyes. This Headset includes a built in 7 inch touchscreen display, a comfortable design and a facile to adopt features, the Headset is additionally includes a built in sound system which includes two sound cups and a built in microphone. The steelseries arctis 1 wireless gaming receiver dongle is dandy for use with the Xbox One toggle switch feature, with this dongle you can connect to your Xbox One without having to handle the tv as your connection. The dongle also includes a few other features to help with gaming and communication, this is a wireless legacy Headset for the Xbox one. It will work with you playing Xbox One games on: windows 10 pc.